Why do my periods come late?

Question by L.C: Why do my periods come late?
For at least 3 or so years I have been pretty annoyed with my periods. I always miss a whole month then begins in the middle of the next month. I have taking blood tests and hormonal checks which seems all good. Even a pregnancy test. My breasts feel tender and sore for quite a few weeks and I often feel a bit breathless. My stomach can crap all day and then I would feel nauseous at night. And sometimes I wake myself up whilst i feel sick and sore. I have been referred to a gynaecologist so waiting for an appointment. But for my own peace of mind, If there’s anyone out there struggling with the same problem, please reassure me.
I’m 23 and I’ve already started to ponder the fact that if my periods are not normal then I would have a hard time making a family when I’m a bit older.
I have had periods since the age of 10-11

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Answer by andrew
This is normal. You are still young and have not gotten set into a schedule. You should have been seeing a gynecologist since you were 18, but there isn’t a whole lot you can do about that. They will probably suggest you go on birth control, and that will help smooth everything out.

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