I need advice on the Mirena coil?

Question by sunmum: I need advice on the Mirena coil? I am 35 years old, have 2 children & got the mirena coil fitted a month ago. Call it gut instinct but Im already feeling that the mirena is working against rather than with my body. The insertion was uncomfortable & I did faint, embarrassing! I didnt have too much bleeding following the insertion so was hoping all was going to be well, but in the last week or so I have had a couple of dizzy spells out of the blue, I have ongoing … [Read more...]

Medical Question: Coil, “Copper T”?

Question by popc: Medical Question: Coil, "Copper T"? I had a Copper T inserted into me after my son was born 5 years ago. I was wondering, How long could I have it in. I have also gone to see 2 GP'S whom said that they are unable to remove it. As they said i need to go to a Gynecologist or hospital. What I dont understand that a GP put it in South Africa, and here in Ireland they cant. Any ideas?? Can it damage me, if i leave it in for longer than 5 years. Best answer: Answer by … [Read more...]

MIRENA COIL: Come on girls advise me,?

Question by moonshine: MIRENA COIL: Come on girls advise me,? I saw my gynaecologist yesterday he wants to take a sample from my uterus and says whilst doing the procedure he will fit the Mirena Coil, he knows this is NOT what I want as my GP has told him, but he says it is the best thing for my heavy bleeding problem, as I said I am not keen and feel if I go the the Mirena Clinic they will talk me into it, so I would love to hear from any ladies who have had it or have had it removed as I know … [Read more...]

Pain with the mirena coil?

Question by K K: Pain with the mirena coil? Im 19 years old and had the mirena coil fitted under general anaesthetic just over 2 years ago to help my extremely heavy irregular periods. I was in agony for about 3 weeks after having it fitted but the pain subsided for a while. For the past 18 months i keep getting extreme abdominal and pelvic pain. An internal ultrasound showed small cysts on my ovaries but none that were big enough to remove. My gynaecologist does not want to do anything to … [Read more...]

Bad period pain?? Mirena coil?

Question by K K: Bad period pain?? Mirena coil? I'm 19 and had the mirena Coil fitted almost 3 years ago under general anaesthetic because my periods were so bad and painful. They settled down for while but are now worse than ever. I've been suffering with severe abdominal pain on a weekly basis the past 6/7 months yet my gynaecologist wont do anything about it. My old gynaecologist (whom couldnt have been any more helpful) did a laparoscopy and D&C 4 years ago. He said I had one of the … [Read more...]

is the marina coil effective?

Question by xx lou xx: is the marina coil effective? i've had the marina coil since december but i get dead paranoid, i just wanna no has anyone fell pregnant of it because i don't believe that its as effective as my gynaecologist told me it was. x Best answer: Answer by RhiannaYes it has a high percentile effectiveness rating of 99% Whatever birth control one uses, It will ALWAYS be in the back of a womans mind that there is a risk of pregnancy. Just have confidence that this is a very … [Read more...]