Should women be examined by male gynecologists?

Question by Stephen: Should women be examined by male gynecologists?
I am not with my girlfriend anymore but some years ago when she was 16 she had to have an examination. She preferred women doctors but it was a man that turned up, and it was like she was being mentally pressured by the police and her own mum to have the exam. So she did. And all I can say is that it made me feel sick. It felt like she had been legally violated. And just because I express how I feel, many people call me insecure or jealous. Well, if you had a male brain you would know for a fact that male doctors are no different than other men. Please read what this woman wrote.

“In the 90’s, I heard a guy saying that he couldn’t wait to become a doctor so that he could touch all the “hot girls”. Also, where I live, there have been fly by clinics that turned out to be guys just wanting to touch women. Some guys can still get a kick out of touching girls without it showing on their face, you can only tell with guys who are “inexperienced”, this concept is even made fun of in some movies.”

Please understand, I’m not talking about those women who are unclean and ugly looking. I’m talking about the young attractive women who are clean and healthy. I have come across women who don’t even care if the doctor is having pervy thoughts. But there are many women who are deceived into thinking that because the doctor is a professional he cannot possibly have pervy thoughts because he has seen so many. Ladies, that is a myth! And to use the straw man argument that there are lesbian doctors is absurd, because if you cannot see the big difference then I sujest you think long and hard.

What are your opinions on this?

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Answer by BushPilot69X
I think you are insecure or jealous. My ex only went to male gynecologists. She had one female gyno, and she wasn’t nearly as gentle as the men were.

And I doubt seriously that men become gynos simply because they want to touch hot girls. Even if that were the case (and likely very rare), after seeing so many vaginas over so many days, I would think it gets old.

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