NHS Dentistry – veneers/false teeth?

Question by ashley_fae_greenock2001: NHS Dentistry – veneers/false teeth?
Hey. I get free dentist treatments because i’m umemployed at the moment and on income support. Ok so i have 2 false teeth and 2 veneers on my 2 front teeth, and i got them for free. I was thinking of getting this laser whitening treatment as i seen a bargain of a price for it (£150) so i thought way hey, get that. coz i can’t get that for free on nhs :( BUT my question was if i do get the teethwhiteing treatment, there might be a chance my false teeth looking duller than my natural teeth. SO i’ll probs have to get newer whiter false teeth wont i. BUT will i have to pay for them, because its cosmetics reasons? and how much will it be, roughly?
duh, i know false teeth can’t be lightened! did u even read the question! i was asking if u can get false teeth for FREE if ur on NHS if u got ur teeth lightened, coz its under cosmetic reasons.

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Any form of false teeth, whether it’s veneers crowns, dentures etc can NEVER BE LIGHTENED. The only way to change their colour is to have them replaced.

If you go ahead with the laser whitening then you will be left with some white teeth and all the veneers etc will still be the same colour as they were before. If i were you i wouldn’t do it.

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