Is the tooth nerve removed during a dental implant?

Question by LoveSydney: Is the tooth nerve removed during a dental implant?
I had a metal pin put in back in 2002 and a crown added. Recently I went to get a new crown but it wasnt as good and I complained that it seemed to stick out. {not flush with the other teeth} The dentist said he could shave the pin but this could be problematic. Anyway he did so and we got the new crown sorted. Its been a couple of months now but I still feel a kind of ache there. Its not painful its more like a hot feeling ache.
What could this be? I thought there was no nerve for implants. I have noticed I have got quite dark gums i dont know if that is a sympton.
Why would I have this sensation around my dental implant? Its getting hard for me to forget my crown.
The bite is fine.
Would the pin be stuck in an existing tooth with a nerve or is this not done because I think his concern when grinding was touching a nerve. If so would it be more than just this hot sensation aching i would feel if it was a nerve problem. Would I be in pain,

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Answer by Avalon
the idea of an implant is to replace missing teeth, so yes the nerve is removed as it is in the root of the tooth. The new crown may be too high in your bite so your dentist should check this with something called articulating paper, this is a very thin piece of carbon paper which is placed between your teeth and then you are asked to bite gently down on it, it will mark any high spots on the crown. As to the ache this can be a result of you biting too heavily on the crown so the best thing you can do is go back to your dentist to get it checked out.

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