Is the spine sticking out normal?

Question by that_fish_spat_at_me: Is the spine sticking out normal?
I have never noticed this before, and I was at the physiotherapist a few weeks ago (for an injury to my tailbone) who must have looked at my back so I’d have thought if it was abnormal he’d have said something, but I noticed today that when I touch my back I can feel my spine like from the middle to near the bottom, and I could see it when I looked in the mirror, and I was just wondering if this is normal, for it to stick out a bit? I am quite thin, not underweight, just around average so could that have something to do with it, or are spines supposed to stick out a little?

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Answer by Helena
Most people have an indented line where their spine is but some have a protuding line. My husband and daughter have this quite strongly (and all my brothers in law) – its normal but a pain when going on things like water slides as it can get friction burns. Maybe yours is not so protuding tho if you have not found this?

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