How do I see a dermatologist (U.K.) regarding cosmetic concerns?

Question by Amor Fati: How do I see a dermatologist (U.K.) regarding cosmetic concerns?
I’d like to see a dermatologist to ask his or her opinion on cosmetic procedures like the ones offered by laser clinics etc, so how do I do this?
I’ve heard that you need to go through your GP first, but can I ask my GP to refer me to a dermatologist for cosmetic reasons, rather than medical?

I also don’t know whether to tell them about my mental health, as I suffer from depression and social anxiety, and I have heard that cosmetic practitioners do not like operating on people with ‘unstable mental health’, for obvious reasons, though I myself am quite realistic on the limitations of cosmetic procedures.
However, because I have very little money and want the procedure done as soon as possible – I go to uni in October – would it be better to tell my GP the reason I want the procedure? I have heard that – on an unrelated field – that mole removal can be done cosmetically at no cost on the NHS if the patient is self-conscious about it and the scarring that could be left by a basic excision (how it is done on the NHS…). Would this be similar for cosmetic laser surgery do you think?

Any advice greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.
To Hannah:

I’m not looking for mole removal, it was just an example of the difference between ‘medical’ ie: necessary for your physical health, and ‘cosmetic’ ie: preferable for your image/self-esteem.

Basically I have serious dark circles beneath my eyes and horrible skin in general really. I know that dark circles are difficult to treat and probably impossible to remove completely, so I am looking for treatments that can improve them and the surrounding skin too. And yes, it is severely affecting my confidence and social life.

Do you know how long it would take to see a dermatologist after referral, and how long to get treatment after seeing the dermatologist? I go to uni in October so I am quite desperate to a) have the treatment before then, and b) be at least significantly healed, if not completely.

oh and ‘laser treatment’ means like the one offered here:

thanks for your help!

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