How do I go about getting 1 dental implant done on the NHS?

Question by Clare: How do I go about getting 1 dental implant done on the NHS?
I was told by my private dentist that I may be able to get 1 dental implant done on the NHS. Im 20 years old and have lost a front tooth. I wear a partial denture which keeps breaking, when i say keeps breaking I mean all the time.

I don’t wear it at home or when I eat, only when I go out. It was repaired last tuesday, I picked it up from the dentist, wore it wednesday and 2 hours at college, wore it for about 5 hours thursday, didn’t touch it at all friday, wore it 2 hour saturday, went to take it out to eat something and it snapped again.

Its really starting to affect my life, I wont go to college without it, I wont meet up with friends, ive cancelled plans this week purely because I have no tooth. I know it seems stupid but im very very self conscious. I was always bullied at school and now have no confidence at all (yeah there’s the sob story lol)

Does this seem a reasonable case just to get 1 implant done? If I do it through my dentist it will cost £2000, just for the one!

I don’t know where to start about contacting the NHS.

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Answer by Hat-A-Tat-Tat
i wonder if there would be any information on the NHS Direct website…there certainly is a phone number where you could possibly ring for advice.

i got my dental implant done in India…it cost me £470 & is perfect…like you say – UK dentists charge £2000 – i doubt you can get one on the NHS – but it is sure worth a try. good luck.

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