Gastric banding on the NHS?

Question by AnneShirley03-03-07: Gastric banding on the NHS?
Ok, no comments please of other ways to try losing weight, things work for different people and believe me, there is not ONE thing i have not tried.

Problem being, none of my docs are very helpful, and i am not able to change surgeries, so how else can i get referred? Please help.
x Thank you for you KIND answers. x
and your experiance is? AGE?
harsh, very harsh.
I expect you do not understand my predicament and so should not comment really. I always say- try not to judge others and ‘presume’ even if ou have been through what i am going through at the moment, each persons experiances are different. I pay tax too, by the way!!
Bad cat and Labrat (you sound like twins) Thankyou, for actually answering! xx Bless you xx

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Answer by Cookie
You’ll have to go private then or maybe just sew up your mouth. I don’t think the NHS like doing this kind of surgery when they are battling with their non-existent budgets. Its not a life-threatening condition like heart attacks. You look way too young to get this done.

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