Dental Bridge, whats involved? and would it work for me??……?

Question by Jj J: Dental Bridge, whats involved? and would it work for me??……?
I have a phobia of the dentist, so going there is very traumatic for me. Ive always got sedated in the past.

I have a canine tooth which has no teeth either side of it, i have a partial denture that the NHS made up 5 years ago which is poor in colour, poor in quality and poor fitment.

Im thinking to go private and ask them to try give me some sort of dental bridge, Before i start sheading alot of money… Does anyone know if they would or what type of bridge and whats involved that they would use? as i said my canine tooth will be the support and i want the fill the gap either side. The canine appears to be healthy. Answers greatly appriciated

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Answer by hornchurchmale
this is really a question you need to ask the dentist as only professional appraisal and answer will be any real use. as I understating it, a bridge needs to be from supporting tooth or teeth and using just one to offer support to another two will probably put too much strain on the canine with eventual failure. a bridge After all means ‘from one side to another’ eg two supports at least over a crossing. ( gap)
The fear is very understandable and I used to suffer that too . ( still hate dentists ) any decent dentist will be able to inform you what exactly is involved. the possible outcome and any risks involved. it isn’t cheap but I had one for many years until the supporting tooth /gum erosion reached a point where i had to lose both tooth and bridge.

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