Strange but true: 14 year old girl benefits from gastric band surgery

A 14 year old girl became the youngest person in the UK to have weight loss surgery, after undergoing gastric band surgery in Belgium four years ago. Teenager Katie Hill weighed more than 18 stone and was a size 26 before she had the operation. Before the treatment she was incredibly unhappy and had tried a string of diets without any success. Katie’s story Most teenagers enjoy spending time with their friends, but for Katie Hill life was miserable because of her size. At 18 stone, she was … [Read more...]

Increased Weight Loss Through Transoral Gastroplasty

Transoral gastroplasty is an innovative procedure that can take over the Gastric Sleeve procedure. Transoral gastroplasty is also known as TOGA. The best thing about this procedure is that it does not require any incision on your abdomen. This is a surgery without an incision made on your skin. This weight loss surgery procedure is done under general anasthesia and it usually takes about two hours to complete the procedure. The individuals who have undergone this procedure have shown to lose … [Read more...]

Antiobesity Medications Versus Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss is a billion dollar industry. There are a lot of over the counter supplements, diet programs, drugs, weight loss procedures available to help treat obesity. Weight loss surgery is the last resort to achieve the desired weight loss results. Weight loss is a step by step program that should be followed under the strict guides of your physician. Why should your weight loss plan be developed by your physician? Your physician has the most knowledge with regards to the right foods that … [Read more...]

Basics About The Bariatric Procedures, Gastric Banding / Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass and gastric banding surgeries are also known as bariatric surgery. The word “Bariatric” means to perform surgery on the stomach to reduce its volume. The weight loss procedures are opted based on the results that are desired. Gastric banding is considered safer as it is reversible, whereas gastric bypass involves removal of the part of stomach and intestines. Through both the gastric bypass and gastric band, about 30 mL of the stomach volume is reduced. This means that an … [Read more...]

What can Gastric Bands Do?

A Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, also commonly referred to as a lap band, is a type of inflatable silicone item that is usually placed around the top most portion of the stomach in some kind of laparoscopic surgery. It is usually implemented in an attempt to treat obesity of any kind. Gastric bands are considered by some to be an extreme form of weight loss surgery, but, in some cases, the options for weight loss are relatively limited. However, gastric bands are not used for just anyone … [Read more...]