Top Three Health Benefits Of Spas


Spas are known for their relaxing abilities, but medical research shows that hot tubs can offer amazing health benefits as well, particularly to those who suffer from particular chronic conditions. A hot tub or a spa can make the conditions more tolerable and ease the symptoms significantly. What Can a Hot Tub Or Spa Do? A hot tub can provide heat, buoyancy, and massage. These three benefits can treat a variety of medical issues, and The number of people who suffer from some form of … [Read more...]

UK medical tourism on the up as more look for plastic surgery abroad

Plastic surgery abroad is likely to become more popular in the coming years in the United Kingdom as UK medical tourism continues to gain appeal among the population. A number of factors are related to the desire to engage in medical tourism, including poor service delivery by the National Health Service, or NHS, expectations of having to spend more time waiting before medical services are delivered, problems with the quality and consistency of dental services delivered through the NHS, and … [Read more...]

Dental tourism and what this means for dentists.

With dentistry jobs becoming more and more competitive, the threat of dental tourism taking away potential clients in this country and the advent of the internet meaning that customer loyalty is far from guaranteed as other dentists can advertise to your clients cheaply or your clients can themselves just search for different practitioners in the area, how can you make sure your practice continues to prosper in these changing times? It’s not like you want to get to the stage where you have to … [Read more...]

Virtual Reality Game a Valuable Learning Tool for Dental Students

A new computer program will soon be used by dental students to help them learn and remember how to properly handle dental implant procedures. Faculty members at the School of Dentistry at the Medical College of Georgia have been working with students and a game-developer to create a simulation program which will help students reinforce and expand their learning. In recent years, there has been a lot of interest and enthusiasm about developing simulation tools and virtual reality environments … [Read more...]