Exercising With An Old Injury

Don’t let an old injury stop you from keeping fit and healthy If you suffered an injury in your youth, it could come back to haunt you as you get older. GP, Dr James Thompson offers advice on the three most common recurring injuries. Sprained ankle The injury: “A sprained ankle is damage to the ligaments that support the joint,” explains Dr Thompson. “Bad sprains can tear the ligaments. If the ligaments are not treated appropriately at the time of the injury, the ligaments may remain weak … [Read more...]

What is Creatine?

What is creatine? This is a form of nitrogenous organic acid occurring naturally in vertebrates whose major role is to assist in distribution of energy to various body cells especially the muscles. This role is achieved through increased formation of ATP i.e. adenosine triphosphate. Biosynthesis Creatine is produced naturally by your body from amino acids especially in your liver and kidney after which it is distributed via blood for it to get used by your muscles. The highest percentage … [Read more...]

Vitamins, Minerals & Dietary Supplements

A comprehensive directory of vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements and their role in health. The book includes indexes of micronutrients, dietary and sports food supplements, and ailments. List Price: Price: 3.48 … [Read more...]

Vitamins and Hormones, 35

Vitamins and Hormones, 35 Vitamins and Hormones, 35 List Price: Price: 185.00 … [Read more...]

Solve It with Supplements

Solve It with Supplements Supplement solutions to a wide variety of health problems make this comprehensive, easy-to-use reference an indispensable addition to every home self-care libraryThe evidence is in: Herbal and nutritional supplements have the therapeutic power to help treat and prevent disease. But how does someone know which ones to take and in what amounts? The answers can be found in this authoritative reference, which presents the best supplements to prevent or heal more than 100 … [Read more...]

Understanding Dietary Supplements (Understanding Health & Sickness Series)

Understanding Dietary Supplements (Understanding Health & Sickness Series) For many consumers, taking one or more dietary supplements is a natural addition to a healthy lifestyle. The decision to take a dietary supplement may be based on the recommendation of a doctor, a dietitian, or a friend. Television, newspaper, magazine, or website stories, and persuasive marketing materials in the pharmacy or supermarket may sway buyers. Information regarding dietary supplements abounds but can … [Read more...]