What is Creatine?

What is creatine? This is a form of nitrogenous organic acid occurring naturally in vertebrates whose major role is to assist in distribution of energy to various body cells especially the muscles. This role is achieved through increased formation of ATP i.e. adenosine triphosphate. Biosynthesis Creatine is produced naturally by your body from amino acids especially in your liver and kidney after which it is distributed via blood for it to get used by your muscles. The highest percentage … [Read more...]

Personal Trainer Qualifications

Today people have become more health conscious than ever before. New businesses like gyms, nutritionists and personal trainers have started booming and everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. In order to become a personal trainer you will need to obtain qualifications from a certified training provider. What is a Personal Trainer? A Personal Trainer is a person who advises and outlines the fitness plan of an individual. Their job is to motivate clients and push them to achieve goals in … [Read more...]