Can I Claim a Personal Injury For a Sports Related Accident?

personal injury claim form

In the UK, sports related claim payment is possible. However, this is commonly funded through a special arrangement called the "No Win, No Fee" arrangement. With most UK residents participating in at least some form of sporting activity, the potential of claiming for those under insurance is high. As a result, potential discrepancies are often high leading to the need for solicitor services. Under these services, the potential claims are covered in the sports injury compensation plan one has … [Read more...]

Sports Injuries are common practice

Sport is a brilliant way of releasing energy, keeping fit and meeting new people, but it does come with a high risk of injury. Sports injuries are very common and can happen to even the most amateur sportsmen amongst us. Common sports injuries include twists and sprains, cuts and bruises and aches and pains. Most injuries are minor and heal quickly, but some can be very serious and result in months on the sidelines. Professional sportsmen are particularly prone to injuries as their bodies are … [Read more...]