How Botox Could Help With Diabetes


Botox is something that people associate with cosmetic procedures, mainly getting rid of wrinkles in the forehead. Researchers have started to look at other possible uses for Botox. Recent studies have shown that Botox could help with diabetes. If this proves to be true this could be a giant leap forward in helping people to deal with having diabetes and even possibly curing diabetes. While a cure for diabetes is a long way off any step that is taken in that direction is a step worth taking. … [Read more...]

5 Top Tips To Quit Smoking

Giving up smoking has a host of health benefits, but it can be really difficult; many people try to give up several times before either quitting for good or assuming that they will never be able to kick the habit. If you are thinking of giving up smoking, here are some tips to help you: Get help Most people are aware that giving up smoking is really difficult and requires a lot of willpower. Many smokers find it easier t give up if they have help from other people; group support … [Read more...]