5 Celebrities with Acne


Celebrities may appear to have flawless complexions but if we look a little closer, we can see that they have uneven and acne covered skin, just like us! Expensive makeup, professional makeup artists and that magical editorial programme (also known as Photoshop) is what makes blemished celebrities appear glowing and flawless. For the rest of us who aren’t airbrushed, here are the top 5 celebrities to suffer from acne. Acne doesn’t only affect teenagers; it also causes a lot of problems for … [Read more...]

A Guide Summer Skin

All year long, it seems that we do nothing but wait for the arrival of summer; relaxing breaks on the beach, cocktails in the sun, picnics in the park, festivals...and yet, when it comes along, we often find ourselves completely unprepared for the sun. The summer this year has been so unpredictable that one minute we find ourselves reaching for our brollies, the next, slapping on the sun cream. Even though the skies may be overcast, it is still important that we protect our skin from harmful UV … [Read more...]

Laser hair removal is becoming more common

Laser hair removal is not as new as some people might think.  One of the first treatments experimented with when studying the potential applications of lasers was that of hair removal and growth prevention as well as treatments for infertility.  The treatment was extensively tested before its first commercial availability in the mid nineties. These days it is becoming a more and more common procedure, accepted as a relatively safe and very effective way of permanently reducing or … [Read more...]

Skin Support Supplement

Skin Support Supplement For the sufferers of skin issues like Rosacea, an antioxidant-enriched supplement can help boost the skin's natural healing processes and appearance. List Price: Price: 24.95 … [Read more...]

Cream Snake Skin Look Jewellery Roll

Cream Snake Skin Look Jewellery Roll Cream Snake Skin Look Jewellery Roll List Price: Price: 9.99 … [Read more...]

Skin Support System – Dry Skin

Skin Support System - Dry Skin If you suffer from frequent flare-ups and the annoying redness and blotchiness associated with Rosacea, do not wait any longer, we have created a solution to manage your skin. List Price: 78.9 Price: 78.90 … [Read more...]