The facts on male pattern baldness

Rebuilding luster to woman’s hair is possible through change in food habits or treatment of an existing health condition; however the same may not be for men who have confined choices. The reason underlies in the fact that most men are genetically susceptible to baldness. Apart from hereditary, there are other factors that have negative consequences on the scalp including usage of chemically harsh hair products, disease or illness. Male pattern baldness typically begins at the hairline and … [Read more...]

New hair..that will be the hair transplant surgery

Transplant surgery's are used for people that need hair or has lost it forever. What is option does, is it gives people a chance to actually get their hair back that they have lost. You will have to get a donor for this type of treatment, so that you can have healthy flowing hair. what you can do is make sure that you have someone that can help you by giving you a so to tat grows and placing it in your head. Basically you can get this procedure done when someone has passed and they are willing … [Read more...]

If you are considering hair transplant surgery

If you are going to consider whether you should have hair transplant surgery you need to make sure that you are taking many factors into account. This is a decision that you must make intelligently and have a throrough understanding of not only yourself but the procedure. You need to realize if your expectations for the results of your surgery are realistic. Many people think that the surgery will be able to totally fill in their hairline and they will have no baldness whatsoever. Sometimes … [Read more...]

How to be a successful candidate for hair restoration

If a person has hair loss that is more on the top and crown of the head it is possible that they will be a good candidate for hair transplant surgery. Another thing that is needed is sufficient hair that can be used as donor hair from the fringe of the head. The fringe is considered the back and the sides of the scalp. The doctor needs to take adequate amounts of hair follicles from the fringe and then transplanted to the area that needs the hair. For this reason a successful candidate must have … [Read more...]