8 Foods That Stain Your Teeth

Everybody wants a perfect, pearly white smile. Of course the obvious method of keeping your teeth looking fresh and clean is brushing and flossing every day combined with regular dental check-ups, but did you know that some of the foods and drinks we consume regularly can actually stain our teeth? Due to its porous nature, tooth enamel is very vulnerable to discolouration. Here’s a list of foods and drinks that have staining potential: 1. Sweets. It’s no secret that sweets aren't brilliant … [Read more...]

Treatment of Bad Breath

There are a lot of embarrassing scenarios but perhaps there are few things as embarrassing as bad breath. You can have bad breath because of not brushing your teeth in the morning, and that can be forgiven. But more than 20% of people suffer or at some point have suffered from a condition known as Halitosis, which is a medical term for chronic bad breath. I used to suffer from this as well but as I found out on the Listerine website, the condition can be managed. What Causes Bad … [Read more...]

Oral Hygiene Products on the market

There is a now a huge range of oral hygiene products on offer to consumers, with an enormous number of different toothpastes, dental flosses, toothbrushes and mouthwashes now available. There are several different brands, which all produce a range of oral hygiene products that claim to cater for all consumers, with products designed for patients with sensitive teeth, products to tackle tartar and plaque build-up and special whitening toothpastes all on sale at chemists and supermarkets. … [Read more...]

Teeth discoloration and associated vitamins and minerals

Teeth discoloration and stains are a very common problem in children as well as adults. Teeth discoloration can be due to many reasons. For example, excessive consumption of chocolates and excessive smoking and drinking can result in stained and dark yellow teeth which give a very ugly appearance. Moreover, the person with ugly teeth also not stays very happy and tranquil with his/her friends and colleagues. Therefore, you should take care of your teeth at first place. You should adopt every … [Read more...]

Advantages of using electric toothbrush

Regular and proper brushing is very necessary if you want to have healthy and smiley teeth. Toothbrush and toothpaste are among the most importance and influencing factors that can create ache in your teeth and jaws. Therefore, using more reliable electric toothbrushes is preferred by a number of doctors and dentists. The first and the most basic rule of thumb is to brush your teeth twice a day. This will keep the bacteria and cavities away from getting deposited on your teeth layers. … [Read more...]

Taking proper care of your teeth

Teeth are of immense importance to our aesthetical appearance as well as to our health. Untreated teeth related issues cannot only weaken your jaws but can also result in excessive bleeding and tissue-related diseases. There are a number of safety tricks and tactics used in brushing your teeth. For example, you should have a 45 degree angle of your toothbrush with the gums of your teeth to have safest experience. Furthermore, you should not harshly use the electric toothbrush. Instead, you … [Read more...]