How Botox Could Help With Diabetes


Botox is something that people associate with cosmetic procedures, mainly getting rid of wrinkles in the forehead. Researchers have started to look at other possible uses for Botox. Recent studies have shown that Botox could help with diabetes. If this proves to be true this could be a giant leap forward in helping people to deal with having diabetes and even possibly curing diabetes. While a cure for diabetes is a long way off any step that is taken in that direction is a step worth taking. … [Read more...]

Luscious Lips In The Blink Of An Eye – Good Skin Days

How frustrating is it to see the celebs on the red carpet with stunning, plump lips and you just want to have the same thing? Who says you can’t? One of the best ways to enhance the look of your lips is not by using tiny lip weights and only eating protein, but by consulting a clinic and having lip fillers Leeds treatments, which will inject a dermal filler into your lips, giving them more shape and preventing the signs of ageing within them. Where as in the past, the most common and … [Read more...]

Manage Your Verruca – Skin Surgery Clinic Leeds

Verrucae are a very common type of wart that is found mainly on the soles of the feet. To spot a verruca, you will need to look for a small, round white patch of skin that has a black dot in the middle of it. This black dot is there because it is a blood vessel and not (as commonly misconceived) a root in the wart. The black blood vessel will appear in the middle of the verruca because excess pressure from walking etc. will put strain on it and cause the blood vessel to burst and bleed, … [Read more...]

If Inverted Nipples are Keeping You Down, Help is on the Way!

While the issue of inverted nipples tends to remain a seldom-discussed topic in conversation, approximately 2 percent of women face this problem every time they look in the mirror. Help is on the way! Today’s market for cosmetic surgery continues to grow giving women an opportunity to change imperfections that hold them back from living the lives they dream. An inverted nipple is a nipple that has the opposite appearance of a normal nipple. It is flat with a pressed in nature. With inverted … [Read more...]

Why Use a Cosmetic Surgery Forum

There are many reasons why people find the need to join online forums. These reasons vary wildly but the end purpose is generally the same. These people desire to find common ground with someone or to find an easily located site on the web for informative purposes. The most cited reasons to use a cosmetic surgery forum are for support, information, and trading stories. Support oriented sites come in two main varieties. The primary purpose of a support site is to offer something akin to group … [Read more...]

Plastic Cosmetic Surgery: A Fashion That Grips Our Nation

Don’t you want to look young and charming? Don’t you want to look attractive and youthful? Don’t you want to look smart and handsome? I am sure you do. Plastic cosmetic surgery has become a fever as everybody wants to look younger than actual age and smart to stay active. Plastic cosmetic surgery has become as popular as among common people as among celebrities. Celebrities make use of this to hide the wrinkle on their faces, to get rid of blemishes and moles and to enhance any feature … [Read more...]